Style No. 91: Text

the knowng man lol

check out this knowng man lol

R: omg 2 cute kids w orange tshirts here

D: lol what r they doing

R: 1 whistling, so loud aaargh. 1 looking @ crowd

D: crowd?

R: ya pilgrims. wtf just saw granny w huge thng on head

D: random, what?

R: dunno, hidden under shawl

D: cray. still meetng up l8r?

R: ya. actually call me in 10. weird guy behind me

D: u ok? what’s he doing?

R: nthng, he’s looking the other way

D: following u?

R: don’t think so. just has this knowing look. creepy.

D: k, tty in 10

R: bye!

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