Style No. 36: So

Style No. 36: So

So I’m watching this little guy. He’s got this whistle, so he’s blowing it. Seems like an interesting kid, so I take note of his apparel — it’s an orange t-shirt, so I’m thinking he must be outgoing. So I take a closer look at his expression, and I see he’s completely sucked into his own mental vortex, a real introvert, yet with a flair for ostentatious garments. So I realize he’s something of a complicated youth.

So then I discern a foreign limb draped over him, so I follow its contour and find it attached to a second boy. So I size him up, and find that he’s looking off in the distance. So I spin around to see what’s caught his eye. So that’s how I noticed the gaggle of folks milling about over there.

So, as I wonder how I missed that in the first place, this old grandmother passes by. It’s not remarkable in itself, but it catches my eye. So I ask myself — what gives? So then I see she’s hiding something. So as she moves by I try to figure out what it is, but all I can see is she’s got something jammed up under the shawl on her head. So eventually I give up and turn my attention to the serious man behind the kids. He comes off as quite a character, as a real no-nonsense guy, so I try to make eye contact. I’m thinking: maybe he and I’ll be friends, maybe we’ll share a cup of tea — so I’m staring rather vigorously. So that’s when I notice he’s looking knowingly the other way. So I realized then the friendship was impossible and that I was condemned to solitude. So I resolved then and there to buy a waffle and forget the whole episode.

So, you should go to Belgium so you can survive on a diet of pure waffle. Clicked this in Brussels, 2011.

So that’s my latest post. So you should go eat a waffle and gratuitously rattle off some two-letter conjunctions. So thanks for reading 🙂


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