Style No. 35: Exclamations

Style No. 35: Exclamations



Look! A young boy! In orange! And what! He’s whistling! And thinking too! At the same time! Two activities! Both exercised at once! Simultaneous execution! Impressive for such a young man! And he has a friend! They are touching! In physical contact! The two of them! Together! Touching! Friends indeed! Good ones! He is eyeing the crowd! In the distance! Looking there! Orienting his eyes in its general direction! Whilst fraternizing with the whistler! Him too! Two activities! Simultaneous execution! Such well-suited friends! How fortunate for them! What bounty in life! But look! A passerby! A female! How old she is! And how nervous! Hiding something, no doubt! But what could it be! What! I don’t know! I really don’t! Oh, wait! It must be an object! A secret one! Beneath her head shawl! Yes! I’ve unraveled her intrigue! How clever! I’m so pleased with myself! What a fantastic day this has turned out to be! I shall buy myself a strudel to celebrate! Wait, though! What’s behind them! Some guy! How serious he is! See his face! Like a donkey in the grave! And those eyes! Looking askance! Gazing oppositely! Espying the other way! With a stare so vacant! Yet knowing!


Hello! Look at me! I’m standing! In a river! On a dead fish!


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  1. Yes, I agree! Strudels for everyone! Cookies too! Cookies well stuffed with scrumptious shards of chocolate and sweet granules of sugar!

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