Style No. 33: Polyptoton

Style No. 33: Polyptoton

My friend Wikipedia once said polyptoton was “the stylistic scheme in which words derived from the same root are repeated (e.g. “strong” and “strength”).” I was like, “Alright Wikipedia, that’s cool.” Then I was like, Maybe I should do some blogging? So here we all are.


A young person covering his personal areas with orange clothing, and blowing his whistle at such a volume that many of the people who peopled that vicinity could hear, thought personal thoughts. A second person with a friendly personality, whose arm was wrapped around the whistling person, eyed the people in the distance. A nervous personage, with a personal object concealed on her person and in particular beneath the shawl on her head, passed by. Meanwhile, behind these people a person who could have been military personnel, for such was the seriousness of his personality, looked knowingly the other way at the people situated over there who were going about their personal business.

Old Man’s Beard, also known as Old Person’s Personal Beard. Clicked this in Tofino, 2012.

I would like to thank all of you people for having the type of personality that disposes you to reading the personal writing of a person like me.


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