Style No. 32: Alexandrines

Style No. 32: Alexandrines

Hey everyone! At style 32 we’re now back on the glorious Queneau train. Some of you doubted whether styles like ‘Gangsta’ were penned by Monsieur Raymond back in 1947, and indeed you are right — the last four styles were my own.

In the original work styles 28-31 were modeled on French verb tenses, some of which don’t exist in English (passé simple anyone?). And so I strayed from the true path…

But once again I’ve found the way, and today we’ve got a poetic form that was popular with such hairdo visionaries as Jean Racine:

Racine in the heazy.

Oh and I think he was some kind of legend of French literature too, way back when people wore frilly silk shirts. Can I get a woot-woot for Andromaque and other classics of 17th century French drama?

If you’d like to read more about this form and today’s style — the Alexandrines so loved by Racine and his cascading curls — follow the link below. Otherwise, read on little doggy…


Behold a young boy thinking deeply in an orange t-shirt
Accompanied by another small boy, some squirt
Who has his arm wrapped around his whistling friend
While upon the distant crowd did his eyes descend.
A nervous grandmother who quickly passes by
With objects beneath her shawl, which will not comply
With her desire to conceal them, is transcended
By a serious man, whose look comprehended.

This is a picture of a bright bundle of leaves
greener than the hearts of a zealous gang of thieves.

Thanks for reading, everybody 🙂


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