Style No. 25: Logical Analysis

Style No. 25: Logical Analysis

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Logical Analysis

A young boy.

A whistle.

A deep thought.

A young boy blowing his whistle and thinking deeply. It’s the protagonist.

A best friend.

A wrapped arm.

A crowd in the distance.

A best friend with his arm wrapped around the protagonist eyeing the distant crowd. It’s the supporting character.

A nervous grandmother.

A hidden object.

A head shawl.

A nervous grandmother with a hidden object beneath her head shawl. It’s the intrigue.

A serious man.

A knowing look.

An opposite direction.

A serious man looks knowingly in the opposite direction. It’s the concluding incident.

A truck. A pineapple. A pineapple truck. It’s the scene. A worker. A fruit crate. A worker hauling a fruit crate. It’s the activity. Munnar, Kerala (India). 2011. Munnar, Kerala (India), in 2011. It’s the time.

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