Style No. 23: Prière d’insérer

Style No. 23: Prière d’insérer

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The title of today’s style doesn’t have an exact translation in English, but it literally means “kindly put this in.” Essentially, it’s a press release for a novel. When a book comes out in France, the publisher will circulate a press release to generate interest, and this has a particular name: prière d’insérer. It’s pretty much the same as what you’d find on the back cover of a book. Time to browse some books!

Prière d’insérer

The reputed novelist Audrey P. Scrodchild’s new mind-blowing work lends her usual deft treatment of various subjects to the thrilling happenings of this particular story, which will appeal to audiences of staggering breadth.

This gripping tale kicks off with a mysterious young boy dressed in orange who is locked in tense conflict with a small wind instrument. To make matters worse, he is tormented by the shrouded enigmas of his inner world. As the story progresses and the stakes continue to be raised, the youthful protagonist finds himself variously under an arm, beside a nervous grandmother, and in proximity to a hidden object.

Then, when the novel unputdownably approaches its enthralling climax, a serious man bursts onto the scene and looks knowingly the other way with consequences readers will brood on for decades.

This ensemble is carried off with the style, verve, and undigested awesomeness the book-reading public has come to crave of Ms. Scrodchild. To not read this book would be to sin against your own imagination.

Ms. Scrodchild’s Chicago penthouse. Clicked this in August 2010.


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  1. Haha, so this really works for a press release! I want to read the book. 😉 What happens? What’s the hidden object and what’s going on in the street?! Inquiring minds want to know. ::here is where I would pick up the book to read::

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