Style No. 16: Teenage

Style No. 16: Teenage

I was, like, totally in Bruges or whatever, and omg there was like some hairy statue just chundering everywhere, wtf! I totally clicked this in December 2010 or some other random time or whatever.


There was this little runt all dressed in, like, orange and whatever, and he was blowing on this whistle like he was thinking about some shit or something. His BFF was totally holding onto him, so they were obviously BFFs, and he was just, like, looking at all the people in the distance or some crap. And then this 700-year-old woman slinks by with, like, some junk stuffed under a blanket on her head or whatever, omg. And as I was bored out of my mind with all of that, I was like wtf who’s this wierdo with the creepy stare? And why’s he, like, looking in that other direction from behind us? Like he knows something, or some random garbage like that?

Hey everybody! Today is the first style of my own choosing. The others have been drawn from Raymond Queneau’s Exercises in Style, but a lot has happened since 1947, so why not, like, take advantage or whatever?

Thanks for reading 🙂

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