Style No. 9: Synchysis

Style No. 9: Synchysis

Time to get schooled.

According to Wikipedia: Synchysis is an interlocked word order, in the form A-B-A-B; which often display change and difference. This poetry form was a favorite with Latin poets.

Oh Latin poets, won’t you ever learn?

But wait! The patron deity of this blog being Raymond Queneau, we’re going to have to go with the French meaning of the term: to mash up the word order of your sentences until they suck and are really difficult to understand. 

Apparently — so allege the French — syn is ancient Greek for ‘confusion,’ and chysis for ‘to pour.’ Well, let’s get pouring.

The hummingbird, this anecdote’s synchyses, in disgust it’s head has turned, on reading. Periyar National Park, this 2011 in I clicked (Kerala, India).


A young boy blows, dressed, in thoughts deeply ensconced, in orange, his whistle. His best friend, at the crowd in the distance, around him his arm wrapped, stares. Passes by, on her head, a worried grandmother, hidden beneath the shawl a secret object. The other way a man, serious behind them, knowingly looks meanwhile.


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