Style No. 8: Prognostications

Style No. 8: Prognostications

What prophecy lays scrawled upon this yellow card? (Clicked this in Nizamuddin Dargah, Delhi, India, 2011.)


I’m getting visions of a young boy — yes, he’s dressed in orange, and seems to be daydreaming. You will see this boy, and he will be huffing on a whistle. Wait — I feel the energy of a second child. He has an aura of friendliness. You will encounter this boy as well, his arm slung across the shoulders of the first. There will be a crowd in the distance, and this boy will be gazing warily toward it. I’m feeling now the vibrations of an elderly woman. Negative vibrations, poor soul. You will see this woman approaching from behind. But hold on — I’m sensing something strange. No, no, it isn’t clear. All I see is a shawl resting on her hair. Beware this shawl. It is deceptive. At the same time, there will be a man. He is coming into focus now: a sombre man. You will observe him behind the others, premeditatedly eyeballing something in the other direction.

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