Style No. 6: Surprises

Style No. 6: Surprises



I kid you not, there’s this young boy, dressed in orange. Orange! Can you believe that? And he’s got a whistle, which he’s blowing! Plus at the same time — no joke — he’s deep in thought. Unbelievable! Then he’s got his best friend there, whose arm is wrapped right around him (I know!), and he’s eyeing the crowd in the distance! Just like that! Eyeing it! And when it couldn’t get any more incredible, this nervous grandmother just walks by! Strolls on past! But that’s not all! Ha! No! She’s got a secret object, too! A secret! Hidden beneath the shawl on her head! Imagine! Meanwhile, behind them, there’s a serious-looking man! And he’s looking the other way! Knowingly! Crazy!

And then we came upon the cliffs! And the ocean! And how it was beautiful, there in Cape Breton! My god!

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