Style No. 1: Notes

Style No. 1: Notes


Two boys (young). Orange clothes. Whistling, pensive — smaller one. Held by his friend (bigger, worried, looking off), arm wrapped loosely over the shoulder. A crowd. Behind: grandma passing. Nervous. Hiding something (under head shawl — a box?). Man glowering in the background. Knows something, eyes opposite.

Clicked this near Ouéléssébougou, Mali, on the road to Sougoula. February 2012.

We’re on the road! Only 98 more exercises to go. The first style in Queneau’s work was also notes, so I’m following right in his French leather shoe-imprinted footsteps. My plan — if I have one — is to borrow some styles from the original work, and to improvise others.

That’s where you come in. Nah man, not the other people reading this. You! Can you please suggest some styles for my exercises? How about dropping your idea in the comments? Wicked, thanks. You’re the best.


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